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Vision Mission & Objectives

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To be the most authentic official source for data and policy analysis on the hydrocarbon sector in the country.


  • To strengthen the existing data system in PPAC by adopting the latest techniques and best practices.
  • To render effective assistance to the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas in the discharge of its responsibilities,particularly pricing of petroleum products and administration of subsidy schemes.
  • To monitor and analyse developments in the domestic oil and gas sector.
  • To undertake analysis of domestic and international energy markets.
  • To develop a cooperative framework for exchange of information and conduct of studies with other countries and international organisations in the energy sector.


  • To ensure effective administration of the subsidy schemes notified by the Government.
  • To monitor and analyse trends in prices of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas and their impact on the oil companies and consumers, and prepare appropriate technical inputs for policy making.
  • To monitor developments in the domestic market and analyse options for policy changes in pricing, transportation distribution of petroleum products.
  • To collect, compile and disseminate data on the domestic oil and gas sector in a continuous manner and maintain the data bank.
  • To ensure quality of data in terms of prescribed parameters such as accuracy, completeness and timeliness.
  • To prepare periodic reports on various aspects of oil and gas sector.